Bison Consulting Group, Inc. will contribute to the success of business unit leaders by creatively providing management consulting services for the development and execution of business strategies and the synchronization of tactical initiatives.

Our success will be measured by the success of our sponsors. Recognizing that even the largest organization is a reflection of the individuals whom comprise it, our commitment is to provide consulting services in a manner that exceeds conventional standards.  Towards that end, at every opportunity we will:

Add Value

Simply stated, this is our reasing for being.  To contribure in a value-added manner to the success of our sponsor.

Think Strategically

Seeking and identifying opportunities beyond the task at hand creates a multiplier effect on value. Creativity is a key component of recognizing future needs and opportunities in the course of delivering the requirements of today. 

Foster Teamwork

The spring-board for individual success is teamwork. While this may sound paradoxical, teamwork is in fact the most powerful tool any business leader has available to them. As such our commitment is to work with and improve in-house teams, to ensure that when we complete our role the organization is better equipped to continue improving itself.


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